Maybe you need to earn more for each client that comes to your services?

Or maybe you would like to book more speaking gigs?

Either way, you’re in the right place. I can help you to achieve all three of these goals with just one service.

My process for working with you looks like this:

  1. Assess where you are currently. Are you ready to dive in or do we need to raise your earnings per client first?

  2. Determine whether you would be best suited to releasing a mini guide, a short book, a full book, or a full-length book with VIP interviews (more on this below!), and how you will market your book

  3. Set up a schedule and choose between my set packages for coaches – tried and true – or a bespoke option that may suit you better if you have specific needs

  4. We write a book together!

  5. I finish your book with full layout and cover design

  6. Working with the marketing techniques we decided on earlier, we’ll launch your book to get you more coaching clients, more speaking gigs, and a higher average income per client!

Does this sound good to you? If it does, read my free guide on how to get $100k in new client business in just six hours – you can download it here! I won’t even ask for your email address, because I know that if you’re serious about growing your business, you’ll be the one to reach out to me.

My work has attracted thousands of 5-star reviews and remains some of the best-rated by readers amongst my publisher clients.

Our books have created passive income, helped to get more coaching clients, and allowed entrepreneurs to establish thought leadership and credibility. My clients have skyrocketed their calls for collaboration, gained more speaking engagements, and become sought-after consultants. If you want some of that, a book can unlock it all for you. Here’s how: