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Writing Coach Vs Ghostwriter: Which is For Me?


The choice between a writing coach and a ghostwriter is usually an easy one, so long as you understand what services each can provide. If you’re not familiar with the terms, however, you might not know which to go for.

The difference is really simple, and your decision should be based on a number of factors. These include:


    • The time you have available

    • Your writing skills

    • Your desire to write a book vs having a book published


Here’s how you can work it out:

A ghostwriter writes a book for you.

A writing coach helps you to write a book.


If you’re time rich but don’t have the skills to write a full book, a coach will help you connect the dots and figure out the best way to get the book written. They can take you from not even having an idea, to a blank page ready to go, to a full book published and in your hands.

If you have writing skills but you just don’t have the time to put something together, then a ghostwriter is what you need. They may even be able to work with some of your previous written works – such as blog posts – to connect with your writing style and make the book read as though you wrote it.

If you have neither time nor the understanding of how to put a book together, then you definitely need a ghostwriter!

Finally, there’s one more distinction I mentioned above: desire. Some of us feel that we have a burning itch to write a book, one that won’t be satisfied until we sit down at the keyboard and write. For others, it’s more about having that finished product of a book written under their name. Figuring out which category you belong to may be tough until you actually give it a try. If you sit down to write and find it tiresome, but that desire to have a book doesn’t go away, you should be happy with having someone else take all the writing off your plate!

Either way, writing a book is a collaborative experience. A ghostwriter won’t simply take your title or your idea and run with it – they’ll come back to you to discuss ideas, to come up with a plot or structure for the book, to gain your insight and wisdom to fill the book, and to share drafts with you until it is done.

Whether you’re looking for a writing coach or a ghostwriter, don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’ve written over a hundred published books for my clients, and I’ve helped coach many more to get their books finished on their own terms. Whether you write it or someone else does, that book of yours will never exist until you get started – so let’s talk about a plan for getting your words on the page today!

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